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Top 5 Tips For Hiring A Contractor

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At Olympus Contracting, we're here for you throughout all aspects of your roofing process. We specialize in roofing in Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, and surrounding areas. We understand getting a new roof is something you may only have to do once in your lifetime and it's an important investment in the integrity of your home. If you want to feel confident that the job will be done right, chose Olympus Contracting.
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Top 5 Tips For Hiring A Contractor

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3D Measurements
Getting a custom estimate has never been FASTER.

We believe that by pairing technology with exceptional customer service we are able to provide our customers what they want. Fast & Accurate Roofing Estimates.
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Affordable Pricing

We're able to keep our material prices lower because of our relationships with suppliers. We're able to keep our crews happy because of the volume of installs.
We believe in scaling with intention.
Each give us the ability to provide an affordable and high quality roof.

Is it time for a roof replacement?

Broken, curled, or loose shingles indicate they are past their useful life and need to be replaced.
Mold and algae are two of the biggest enemies of a roof; They will eat away at the roof if left unattended.
As a result of the granules, the shingles resist water damage. You need to replace shingles as soon as possible if you find granules in your gutters.

Granular Loss
Warped Shingles
Cracked Wood
Sweating Rafters
Poor Ventilation

Trusted Brands. Quality Products.

Architectural & Dimensional


IKO Cambridge Architectural
Visit IKO website to view colors


IKO Nordic Dimensional Class 4 Impact
Visit IKO website to view colors

Has your roof been damaged by recent storms?

If you notice damage to your roof from a recent storm, contact Olympus Contracting for a Free Consultation. We'll assess your damage and advise if you should submit a homeowners insurance claim to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.
Schedule a Free Consultation. Let's discuss your options.

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"Brad did a fantastic job with our roof and gutters. They were communicative and passionate about me and my home. Which is nice. They really got to know me during the project. Highly recommend his company."


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"They did an amazing job on my kitchen remodel! 10/10 would definitely recommend! Brad was clean, always on time, and very professional!"


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"Brad helped me with filing an insurance claim after hail damage. They handled the whole claim process, met the insurance guy and I was able to get a new roof. Excellent quality and workmanship. Reliable and affordable! Thank you Olympus!"



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