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Top 5 Tips For Hiring A Contractor

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"My roof leaks
after a hailstorm with strong winds,
What do I do now?"

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Weather Related Insurance Claims

We are insurance-claims and storm-damage experts!

If Your Roof Has Been Damaged By Recent Storms You're Covered With Insurance

If you notice damage to your roof from a recent storm, contact Olympus Contracting for a Free Inspection and Estimate. We'll assess your damage and advise if you should submit a homeowners insurance claim to reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Schedule your free inspection with our team to discuss your options.

Your Insurance Claim, Simplified

In order to fully understand the process of filing the insurance claim, you should know all the steps.


Olympus Roof Inspection

First things first, Contact us for your Free Inspection and Estimate!  We provide emergency roof tarp services and we help you document damages with photos. Unsure of the severity of the damages? Call us first and we’ll provide a free comprehensive inspection, including roof, gutters, windows, fences, siding and even any interior leaks. We don’t want you to waste time filing a claim for loss if there's not significant damage. We can give your roof a clean bill of health after the storm.

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File the Claim / Adjuster Visit

After our free inspection, You call and file a claim with your insurance carrier, if we determine there is significant damage to your property. We will provide you and the insurance company with photos and written documentation to get the claim started. Olympus and your insurance company will arrange a time to evaluate the damages to your property, together. We will ensure all damages are seen by the insurance adjuster during their first visit. Our partnership with your insurance company significantly speeds up the repair time.

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Ins. Approval & Roof Install

Once the insurance has approved the claim, they will send you paperwork itemizing everything they are paying for replacing. The insurance company pays for all of the damage, minus your deductible. Once we have a copy of the insurance scope of work, we will accept first payment, pick shingle colors and order all necessary materials. Next, we set the install day and delivery materials. Our team will install your roof and bring your home back to its original look & value (or better).

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Project Completed

Wow! That was easy. Your project is completed and we close out your insurance claim. Once we're finished with all repairs on the insurance claim, we will submit the required paperwork and documentation to your insurance company. The remaining portion of the claim will be paid and the claim closed. With your project completed, life is back to normal!

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We Work With All Insurance Companies

Industry Leading 2 Year Labor Warranty

Trusted Brands. Quality Products.

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IKO Cambridge Architectural
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IKO Nordic Dimensional Class 4 Impact
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We carry a minimum of $1,000,000.00
of personal property insurance for each project.

You’re covered, your neighbors are covered, and
your neighbors neighbors are covered.

Top 5 Tips For Hiring A Contractor

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